DASTAK (DOOR TO DOOR VISITS)- they say “ the doors will be opened to those who are bold enough to knock” and that is what we at Rubaroo do. Going from doors to doors, always welcomed by the genuine smiles and hospitality of the people, we brief them about our programme. Lending an ear to their problems and giving them simple solutions, strongly binds us together. We connect them with the relevant departmental schemes after addressing their problems. Help desks are made functional and are issued in public interest


    “Tell me and I’ll forget.
    Show me and I may remember;
    Involve me and I’ll learn.”
    This is what Rubaroo focuses at “discussion and presentation.” The team and the volunteers of the Panchayats and Wards fix a time and a venue for the presentations on various topics under the programme. Local representatives and general population is invited on a specified date and venue. An interactive session is held so as to facilitate the understanding on both the ends.


      “JAGRITI” a programme of RUBARU, has been started to provide women with a 3 month course in Dharamshala, in cutting and tailoring. More than 1500 students have enrolled themselves in the course and are learning the skills under the guidance of 55 qualified and certified trainers in 85 batches, at their Panchayats/ wards level. Clothed with strength and dignity, the women laugh without the fear of the future.


      Through the various modes of awareness mentioned above, the requests, issues, and problems from the people of Dharamshala are addressed through help desks, operational from our offices and providing assistance 24*7.
      •Old age and widow pensions through social welfare department,
      •Assistance for marriage of girl child through DC office / women and child welfare department/ MLA Fund / health department.
      • Housing Assistance through Welfare Department/ MLA fund
      • Medical assistance through CM fund / MLA fund/ Health department
      • Emergency Assistance through CM fund, so on and so forth, are the certain requests and issues that are being addressed by the help desks.


      In all the 17 Municipal Wards and 24 Panchayats, the rubaroo volunteers worked copiously to make the event of INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY, a huge success. To make the women understand the significance of the day, the volunteers during their visits under dastak, enlightened the women with the rural overtones, about the importance of being emancipated in the present day progressive world.
      The rubaroo team helped women gather at the pre- decided spots in their own wards and panchayats from the very daybreak. Dari ITI and Nirankari Bhawan were swarmed and packed with women who were given the badges. Then, began the march towards uniting and empowering women.
      The enormity of the women population seemed never ending and as soon as they reached the Dari Mela Ground, they were greeted warmly with water bottled, leaflets and refreshments, so as to keep their courage staunch.
      Just before the programme was about to end, it started raining heavily. Surprisingly, the women took i


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